Friday, February 13, 2009

Men Can Bitch

Well! Another one of those days, Friday the 13th...I am neck deep in work trying to finish off a zillion things before I can rush off to shop for our weekend party with Joy. The phone rings persistently and I see that it's a call from Joy. I pick it up and I hear voices at the other end. Keep saying hello and realize he must have dialled my number by accident. Seems like he is in a deep conversation with a few folks (men at work).

I am about to hang up when I hear some words. That sparks my interest and suddenly I am all ears. The guys go on and on about their MIL, their wives, their lives and things they wish I would never hear. Well, I almost heard it all...till I suddenly get disconnected. And to think that there are folks who think that only women bitch. You should have heard those guys. Real entertainment listening to them talk!

My colleagues and I have a good laugh about it. Ash informs me that Indian men generally bitch about their FIL and European men bitch about their MIL. So we figure out that Joy might be partly European...

Well, another year of married life passing by and me wonders what the Pink Sena folks will do if they know we got married on V-Day. Will they ban us as marrying on that day is against Indian culture or will they ban my old folks who came up with that date after religiously consulting the astrologers and pundits for the most auspicious date? Me thinks they should have no issues. After all they are planning to marry off any couples they see that day. Me wonders whether that includes gay couples too.

Me reads that the Pink Diktat has come as a godsend for couples whose parents are opposing the match. My good friend in another continent wishes that the Pink Sena had been active two years ago. It would have saved them so much of effort to convince the in-laws.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One of those days

It's been one of those days trying to strike a balance while juggling multiple activities. And then the phone rings, distracting me while I am trying to complete random tasks. I say Hello and a voice at the other end squeaks, "Hello, Sir! I am calling from B***** Insurance. Do you have a minute?" Of course I don't have a minute and have never possessed time.

I am ready to explode, but politely inform the squeaky lady that I am not a man and my voice definitely doesn't sound like a Sir. She then unceremoniously proceeds to ask me my "good name". That's it. I can't handle this anymore. I inform her that I don't possess a good name or a bad name and hang up.