Sunday, November 25, 2012

Saas Bahu versus Sitcoms

Just a random thought. Wonder why saas bahu (MIL-DIL) serials are so popular in India? Why do we not have sitcoms such as Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and so on? Is it a reflection of our so called repressive culture and society that glorify medieval customs such as karva chauth with their portrayal and stereotyping of an ideal bahu? Are these serials also leading to an over active imagination where folks start taking these plots seriously and imagine they are victims of such behavior in their real lives too? Wonder if it is because of these soaps that I hear of incidents such as a mom-in-law chopping off her daughter-in-law's tresses while she is sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Such, it had been looong since I visited your blog. Lots to catch up on!!! And yes, I really wonder why Indian television can't move on... Pathetic family sagas with endless festivals and celebrations. Oh and karva chauth is by far the most hyped and the most annoying festival on tv.


Nikki said...

Saas Bahu shows still earn a better TRP than sitcoms because believe it or not most viewership is I think in villages than cities! Also Sometimes I'm glad they stick to just saas bahu stories - have u seen those MTV and Channel V serials? Another thing i wonder is why to music channels shift focus from music to Sitcoms / shows?!

I just don't watch these shows. Thank god we have Star World, Zee Cafe, HBO etc :D

P.S. Love the new look of the blog! :) Pinnkkkk :D