Sunday, March 10, 2013

Serendipitous Sundays

Waking up on a Sunday morning to my plants is the most joyous activity right now in my life. Other days, its the hustle bustle of life where I am rushing through one chore to another but Sunday mornings are sacred.

So was shuttling back and forth tending to my plants, listening to melodious old songs wafting out in the background on Vh1 when something stopped me in my tracks. Happened to glance out of the dining room window and saw the sky change color in a matter of a few seconds from a dull grey to a bright orange. Was spellbound. My first instinct was to hunt for a camera but then decided to savour this moment in solitude instead of uploading just another sunrise pic to this already crowded digital world.

The beauty of the sunrise seemed to have eclipsed all other tasks so I sat back and watched the sun, in peace with the world for a few minutes till the doorbell rang and the maid woke me up from my utopian reverie. :)

So back to my rambles about my plants. The latest plant that I am fixated on is coriander (dhania). I've been reading several blogs on how to grow dhania and decided to try growing them at home. So here's a peek at the weekly progress of one of the dhania plants.

Still in the germination stage but hope by next week there is more progress. If all goes well it's going to take another 10-15 days before I can begin using my own home-grown produce and then I can get more ambitious in the gardening arena and venture to other produce too. :)

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