Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ochre Walls and Blue Shuttered Windows on my Mind

My balcony's been on my mind and once something's on my mind, it's like a bug that refuses to go away. With all the construction work going on right opposite our building, there's always some residue of rubble or cement that greets me when I step out. It's coated all over the grill, the floor, the walls, and even my plants till I give them a good wash morning and evening.

It's very, very, very annoying but I can't do much except wait for the work to complete before I can go ahead and paint my balcony a lovely, deep shade of ochre. Since there's absolutely no point cribbing and feeling sad about things beyond my control decided it was time to make the best of limited resources. Woke up today morning before the sun did and decked the dusty grills with some bottles that I've been hoarding.

Now all I need to do is fill these bottles with a couple of money plants that trail and entwine across the grill and that should add some cheer. Meanwhile, I dream of ochre walls and blue shuttered windows...maybe it's the call of the meditteranean. Oh well, someday.


Chandrima Roy said...

Great start! Will revisit to see the posts that follow :)

Anonymous said...